Esoteric N-01DX

I have a Esoteric N-01DX which is a streamer DAC and Roon Ready. It also has MQA capability.

The manuel of the machine says it is a full MQA decoder. So my questions are:

  1. In the “device setup” in Roon, should I select “Decoder only” or “Decoder and Renderer”?
  2. When I play MQA track via Esoteric N-01DX, the signal path is “Enhanced” and not “Lossless”. The light next the logo of Esoteric is blue, not purple. Please let me know how I can change the signal path to “Lossless”. Is it relate the setup in Q1?

Many thanks

Decoder and renderer. It will show enhanced for MQA as that reflects the enhancement of the file through mqa.

Thanks for the explanation.

Currently I have set the DAC as decoder and renderer.

The “enhanced” signal is correct for my setup and it is as good as “lossless”. Is it correct?

Many thanks

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