Esoteric N-01XD not connecting despite [Advertised as] Roon Ready?

I just got a new Esoteric N-01XD, which is claimed to be roon-ready on its site (similar to the previous N-01 model) Unfortunately it isn’t being recognized by roon. I’m on the latest build of roon core - 1.7 build 571 stable, on Ubuntu. I suspect the issue is that the firmware process is not working on the Esoteric, since it seems to be stuck on 11.6d instead of the latest 11.11. I’ll keep working this from the Esoteric firmware angle in case that’s the problem, but thought I’d check in here to see if this is actually supported or not.

I’m able to get Roon to recognize it as an AirPlay device, but that’s not going to be the same audio quality. Supposedly it should be working as a Roon endpoint though. Any suggestions?


Not Roon Ready yet.

There are three parts of firmware for N-01XD: network firmware, base I/F firmware, and USB firmware.

The 11.6d network firmware is the latest at this time.

The V1.11 I/F firmware is the base unit firmware and is a different thing.

Ahh I see about the firmware versions, thanks for that. When you say it’s Not Roon Ready, do you mean this authoritatively, or more, “yep, you have the right versions so it should be working and if it’s not working it’s not Roon ready?” If it’s definitely not Roon ready yet, I wonder why their website claims that it is. I have sent an email to their support folks, so we’ll see what they say too.

It is expected to become Roon Ready in the future.

For the time being, you could use AirPlay or direct USB connection from a Windows Roon Core.

Esoteric use LUMIN’s network technology for their streaming solutions. So, looking at Peters title, what he says is about as authoritative as it gets. :slightly_smiling_face:

If this compromises any EULA’s or NDA’s please flag this Peter.

Hi guys, I am the new user of eso n01-dx, just plug lan cable to network today but roon cannot show the device, anything I can do?

My eso device net firmware is 11.6d and base firmware is V1.11

While you wait for it to become Roon Ready in the future, you may use AirPlay or USB as a temporary workaround.

I just use it as a network player and no computer or any other device connect with usb port.

How can I use air play?

That’s almost impossible because you need one to run Roon Core.

What computer does your Roon Core run on?

I use synology nas as roon core and I use dcs network bridge with legacy msb dac before. Dcs has no such problem, just plug into the network and roon app has show in the audio zone.

The eso n01-xd is replace for dcs nb + msb dac.

I believe Synology has USB port.

As stated above N-01XD is not yet Roon Ready.

I just wonder they said in the esoteric website, n01-xd is roon ready.

This is the official Roon Ready list:

I have no doubt N-01XD will become Roon Ready in the future.

I hope so, thanks

Peter, one more thing, if I plug usb cable to both of n01-xd and synology nas. How can I play songs through roon?

The Esoteric N-01 is on the official list as Roon Ready. Are you sure this isn’t a network issue? Are all other network functions of the N-01D operating? Can you play to it using the Esoteric app or can you confirm that it is showing up on your network at all? The N-01XD has a setting that disables power to the network port. It is defaulted to On but if it is Off, you won’t get any network connectivity at all.

In this case you bypass the network connection and are just using the N-01XD as a DAC, so it doesn’t need to be Roon Ready