Esoteric N-01XD not connecting despite [Advertised as] Roon Ready?

I am now use the eso stream app to play song with qobuz.

It seems not user friendly, I perfer use eso stream app and wait for roon ready. Anyway, thanks for your reply.

When it becomes Roon Ready, how will you know? How are you expecting to be notified?

The native apps will notify you of network firmware upgrade. Then you can check the release notes.

@danny: can you please look at the status of certification for the new Esoteric N-01XD? Roon Partners’ site under Esoteric shows N-01 as Roon Ready, but not the N-01XD, which is the new / current version of the N-01 streaming DAC. Thank you

N-01 is Roon Ready.
N-01XD is not yet Roon Ready, but it will be in the future.

Strange. It you go to the product page on Esoteric website, the N-01XD is still advertised as “Roon Ready”: (scroll down a bit)

Ahhh… someone (@admins) needs to notify Esoteric to remove the erroneous “Roon Ready” designation on their N-01XD pages. Thanks for sharing

Just got the pic from internet, anyone know why N01 output in roon shows USB Output?

That’s a bug from non-certified non-public Roon Ready firmware for test only. That cannot pass Roon Ready certification.

So, USB Output will not shown once roon certified N01-XD?

That is correct.

Do you know what is the correct output in the path?

For N-01XD it must show “Analog Output” only.

Thanks for your reply :handshake:

The status of Esoteric N-01XD in the website still shows as Roon Ready. However, there is a footnote saying:

** As of October 2020, roon ready certification is currently being processed. Support will be added via a software update as soon as certification is complete.*

It sounds to me like Roon certification is eminent

I am already very disappointed! :grinning: :smiley:

Thanks for sharing

How do you download this? There is nothing on Esoteric website under “download” pages for the N-01XD

Launch Esoteric Sound Stream app