Esoteric N05 - Roon Ready Uncertified after update

I’m using Esoteric N05 network steamer and the roon ready become uncertified after roon update, how can I fix it? thx

As long as it works you should be OK… Looks like you can enable it.

when I kick enable it showed the second picture. I’m using USB to connect the NAS, now can use the network steaming only…

Power down the Esoteric machine. Switch it off at the mains switch for 30 seconds. Also reboot the core. The N-05 is a mature device (2016) that has been Roon Ready for a while so once the core sorts itself out it will be normal again. It identifies as Teac because Esoteric is just the high end branding of that company. It has Roon certification in its own right.

Tried to cut off the Esoteric power and re-installed the core but the problem still here… can use airpay only so far but the output will go to lower resolution…

Please cut power to the unit.

Find a pin to insert into the small reset hole near the network port. While holding it, power on the unit. Release it only after 30 seconds.

If that does not cure the problem, you need to find Esoteric for service and request for a replacement of the authentic Esoteric network module. It identifying itself as a TEAC is your cause of uncertified status. It must identify itself as an Esoteric, not TEAC.

Did you buy the unit new, or is it used? Did it go through any repair to your knowledge?

Although that is correct, Roon Ready checking is very specific for brand and model. They have to be 100% matched.

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