ESXi server issue

I have the same problem.
Today I’ve moved my Roon Core VM to another ESXi server.
After that, everything is a mess !
I could not play my local files and also I could not connect to Tidal.
I don’t know why, but Roon seems to be very user unfriendly in the latest releases.
Taking into consideration that I am paying for this service, I want it to work !
Unfortunately, I am thinking more often to find an other alternative !
In the latest 2 months I had a lot of problems with it !

Hey Aldos,

I moved your post to a seperate one so that we can help you.

Can you describe more the problem? thx

Thank you Yaohan !

I an gonna try to be more specific, maybe there is a feature and not a bug but, to be honest, I don’t understand this behavior of Roon.

My problems appears (and that was not only once) when I am moving the Core to another ESXi server, preserving all the others settings.
I had to do that for three times in the last 2 months and every time I had problems.
Every time I’m starting the Core VM on the new server I have problems with Tidal connection, network errors and metadata.
Today, after moving Core vm to my new server, the errors have started: Tidal connection problem and, that was new, I could not play any of my music files. The error was “Too many failures. Stopping playback”

What I do not understand is that after many reboots I had to restore a backup and that was the only solution for me to could use Roon again.

What I don’t understand is why I need to restore a backup in order to could use the Core ?
I don;t know if I was clear enough (English is not my mother language).

After Roon core restart, the problem is back !
I could not play any of my local files and I also have Tidal network connection error !
I am sorry, but my patience is almost at it’s lower limits !

Could you please give us a functional piece of software ?
Thank you !

Hi @Aldos_Zxz ,

We do not do any testing on VMs with Roon, so I have moved your post over to the #tinkering section. Based on your symptoms, this sounds like it could be a firewall issue, I’d suggest temporarily trying to disable your firewall and check to see if that helps.

Than you for your answer !
It was not a firewall problem, because all my firewall (on Core and remote) are disabled.
I had to do multiple restarts of my Core and finally it is working now.
Unfortunately, the problems appears every time when I am trying to migrate the Core.
I hope that will be solved someday !
Sometimes, it is better to look back and not to change the things that have been worked before !

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