ETA for Android app? [Android app was released already]

If I understood correctly, the iOS app will take some time, but the Android version is (almost) ready.

Not wishing to be a pain (and managing fine with my MacBook for the time being), but could you give an ETA for the Android tablet app?

I can’t speak openly about timelines just yet, but I promise we’re not going to make you wait long :slight_smile:


Teasing must be integral to Roon corporate culture, I guess. :wink:

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I for one appreciate Roon holding back the Android app release until I had the required hardware in house.

As my Nvidia Shield tablet has now landed, please feel free to release the app at your earliest convenience.

P.S. For the iOS app, no need to hold, all prereqs in the form of an ipad mini 2 are in place.

P.P.S. You guys are doing great! Not just the application is great, but also the energy you radiate here and on other forums is awesome. Keep up the good work (and if that means we need to wait a little longer on the app, then we will quite happily)!


@RBM – shooting for this weekend or Monday!

Make sure you have 8" or higher… 7" may or may not work, and if it does, itll probably be a bad experience as it’s the full interface, not a condensed version.

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I vote for friday night. :smile:

You’re doing great guys, on all fronts.

Eek, so my 5" smartphone won’t be an effective remote then? Other than that, I’m still running an old HP Touchpad from the fire sale, hacked to run Android. Reliable/fast it is not! :turtle:

@pedalhead – Imagine your entire Roon UI scaled down to your phone. Assuming you had a modern phone with enough resolution, things would be insanely difficult to click on or read.

I had one of those Touchpads too… ugh. I don’t think we will run on that.

yup, fair enough. Good excuse to upgrade that Touchpad :smiley:

“What is this, Roon for ants??” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Danny said 8" and up, but in my opinion, it gets a little tight below 9". Obviously smaller sizes will be fully supported later, but the upcoming Android release will be the current desktop UI, so you’ll almost certainly want a bigger tablet until we have custom layouts for smaller tablets and phones.

Very interested to hear everyone’s feedback once it’s available. We’re as excited as you guys are, so sit tight!

@danny, since the android app is coming out, would you have a time guidance for an iOS app please?

Hi @Dmitry - as @danny mentioned here, we’re looking at June for the release of our iOS remote.

Thanks for your question!

On this end the weekend has started :wink:

Luckily it is a long weekend, so Monday would still mean it is there this weekend :smile:

I have my Nexus 10 just waiting. Can’t wait.

i have a nexus 9 and a nexus 10 too… both are such great tablets.

Time goes by so slowly… And time can do so much…

Could today be the day?


You cracked !! How many times did you check? :smile:

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It’s published… waiting for google play store :smile:

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Not nearly as often as I’m going to ping the Play Store… :wink:

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Itll be here: