Ethernet cables

I’m planning rerun network cables
ethernet cable shielded or not also solid vs stranded which one best for audio

the same one that gets the data over the network intact


and also conforms to local regulations.

Regular CAT 6A is a great affordable option.

I agree with that, though I’ve started to steer away from Copper Clad Aluminium (CCA) cables in favour of copper…not for any audio reason but there seems to be quite a lot written to suggest that pure copper is a better bet (e.g. less fragile, better for PoE over long distances) and I don’t have enough knowledge either way to dispute this.

Oh, and here’s a nice primer.

The one that is long enough to get from source to destination.

thanks guys distance each end less than 50m cat6 good enough

I have always used solid copper wire. I am running cat 7 at present, always looking forward in my deployments. I am upgrading cat 5e over time.

I don’t think cat 7 to cat 5e is an upgrade?

Most cat7s cables 23 awg and double shielded not easy to work with
anyway i order cat7 thanks guys

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Is that a statement or question?

It’s a questment.

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I think them an upgrade. I have to purchase them, because I can not properly terminate with the old RJ45 jacks. I think the ones I am using will last me for a good long time.