Ethernet connection prblms with my Devialet 220

Hi there
Imitially my Dev 220 expert pro connected nicely via ethernet to my roon nucleus +.

All of a sudden this connection started flickering. Has the prblm been solved as I read others have the same issue ?

Thanks for any advice.

Forgive the basic questions (but I am also a Roon NUC / Devialet 440 CI via ethernet user):

  • which connection protocol are you using in Roon? (Devialet Air, Roon Ready, …)?
  • have you checked that your Devialet has the latest firmware (which included specific fixes for Roon RAAT via ethernet)?

Thanks for responding so quickly.
I use roon ready RAAT.
I will check again but yes I have downloaded the most recent firmware two days ago.

Does the behaviour differ with different bit rates? There is also a known problem with gigabit Ethernet connections. Here’s a link to the Devialet Chat forum where you will find more threads on the subject. No more dropouts streaming Roon RAAT over gigabit ethernet
Hope this helps and that you get your problem sorted.



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As Axel said, there was a known stability issue with Roon RAAT in combination with Gigabit ethernet.
Before the latest firmware, I solved it by putting a cheap 100 Mbit switch between the Roon NUC and the devialet (essentially creating a 100 Mb choke point), reducing drop-outs and stability problems to near zero.
After the current firmware release (6 months ago or so), I was able to remove the 100 Mb switch from the chain and go back to full Gigabit ethernet without any issues. So the firmware solved it for me, but not for everyone, from what I have read. There may be other networking factors at play.

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Hi @Rochus_Appert

Can you give us some details on your networking setup?

Are other endpoints working okay?

I live in Switzerland and use the Swisscom Internetbox 3.

In the living room I have the roon nucleus + and the Devialet 220. Inother rooms of the house I have Sonos installed and roon does see all of those and I can play any music (obviously not hi res).

Although connected via ethernet the Devialet 220 ex pro doesnt recognize the connection.

I am thinking of putting between the roon and the debialet this gadget that takes the gbites down to 100 mbites … as there seems to be the issue.

Any other tips?

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Hey @Rochus_Appert,

While I know that hearing back directly from Dylan would have been the best, I wanted to quickly jump in and thank you for replying in the same day with details on your setup.

You should hear back from Dylan on this thread - sorry for the delay. Now only weekend days were in the way (support is open Monday - Friday), but also, Dylan had to take last week of as he wasn’t feeling too well.

Please, bear with us a little longer :bear: