Ethernet green & Amber LEDs lit

My Nucleus+ works fine streaming; this is an information question for the Nucleus experts. I’m running Ethernet (CAT7) from Nighthawk AS4000 router to D link switch, showing green at D Link port (GB baud). I then plug my CAT7 Ethernet cable into the Nucleus+ and see amber and green LEDs on at N+ and green blinking randomly at the the D Link. After 15 minutes, same thing. Why? The N+ should negotiate the handshake and stay green if communicating at GB. Why is the amber LED on the same time as the green LED on the N+ and random blinking green LED on D Link switch. Also, input to D Link is CAT7 cable green LED.

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Amber LED usually means 1000Mbps and the green LED indicates that the port is connected (on) and data transmitted (flashing.) The green flashing LED on the switch means the port is connected and data are transmitted. The type of cable has no bearing on this.

There are many different Ethernet devices and LEDs colors can mean many different things to many different devices. There is no standard for LED colors. The Nucleus manual does not state what you have just stated. In fact it states very little about the LED color. I’m looking for an answer from a Nucleus expert. I could postulate what you have postulated… if you are a Nucleus expert, my apologies. The cable was to help me not have to answer the question…

Given that Roon Labs use Intel NUC motherboards in their Nucleus products, then you could refer to an Intel NUC Product Specification manual to see what the RJ-45 LEDs display.

So, for example, here’s the manual for the NUC8i5 products. Check out table 4 on page 26.

Actually, on read-reading I had my green and amber mixed up. The LAN LED states are documented, you simply need check the Intel website for link and data rate definitions (the Nucleus is based on the Intel NUC.) Anyway, you have a 1000Mbps link that is active.

Most RJ-45 LAN connectors found in a PC NIC follow this definition.

Link Green
Off: LAN link not established
On: LAN link is established
Blinking: LAN activity

Data Rate Green/Yellow
Off: 10Mbps
Green: 100Mbps
Amber: 1000Mbps

Geoff - thanks, if you substitute amber LED on Nucleus for yellow LED on NUC board, that makes sense with respect to the GB Ethernet rate I have set up coming from AQVOX-SE (audiophile 8 port D Link). I was just about to say Martin has it backwards on the rate till I substitute the amber for yellow colors.

Guys - thanks for sorting it out for me, I get to sleep a little better.

The Nucleus manual is terrible. I can see how you have to use the NUC manual

Why do you think this? The Nucleus is supposed to be a music appliance (like a CD player), not a computer… :grinning:

Geoff - Every manual that I have written for all the components I have designed are complete as it relates to user interface. If there is an indicator, switch, button, or mode of operation, they should be spelled out or another manual referenced. The Nucleus does not do that. You could argue about bad versus terrible, you can’t argue about incomplete. I love my Nucleus+, I bought it thinking I would step up to a serious streamer with great SQ in a year. The funny thing is, if you really pay attention to power and great Ethernet infrastructure, the N+ is amazing and punches up. The computing power is easily understood handling double DSD and Convolution Filtering w/ audio volume DSP functions engaged. After 9 months of use, it has been flawless w/ SW and usage. The amazing is the SQ. It is on 24X7 and playing music on average 16hrs a day. There has been zero SW issues. Running USB out to Matrix USB to I2S through JMaxwell “data only” 12in cable. Nordost V2 HDMI out of Matrix to PS Audio DSD. Farad Super3 LPS external PS input. The PSA BHK PRE, then PSA BHK300 monos to Sonus Faber Guareni Evolution mains & REL S3 dual subs. The N+ I’m running 4TB Samsung EVO SSD internal. A Farad Super3 Linear Power Supply w/ level3 double shielded 60cm DC cable and AQVOX-SE 8 port audiophile switch and Giga FOIL Ethernet optical isolator & filter. All CAT7 50 cm & 25cm cables after the switch. Farad Super3 separate LPS for AQVOX-SE and Giga FOIL filter. The SQ is amazing in my system, the manual is still terrible.

Are we talking about the same manual? All the physical ports and indicators are referenced, and there are links to the rest of the online documentation as it pertains to the UI and operation…

Geoff - OK, I’ll play along… send me a link me to what you call the manual and maybe I’m missing this all complete manual, however, since you referenced the Intel NUC, your idea of complete may be different. I’m up for learning… english is a very abstract language…

The link is in my previous message - highlighted in blue…

Cute… :nerd_face:
Yeah, need to read the NUC manual… green blinking is not complete.

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