Ethernet or HDMI

Hopefully, my new (but used) Roon Nucleus will arrive soon. I just received the Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSD a few minutes ago. I recently had an ethernet cat 6 cable run from my Router in our master bedroom to my Oppo 203 Roon end-point in our family room. My plan is to disconnect the Oppo 203 and use that cat 6 cable to connect to my Nucleus. I will then use a 3 feet HDMI cable from the Nucleus to the Oppo 203. Is there any reason to think this will not work as well as buying a switch and connecting both the Nucleus and Oppo 203 via ethernet? I prefer the HDMI option if there are no negatives with it.

Go with what you prefer! If that doesn’t work then try a switch.

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Since you’ve already spent a bundle, and since GBit ethernet switches are dirt-cheap, I presume that price is not the determining factor.

Personally, I like my endpoints to be LAN-accessible. That way, if someone in my household wants to play something off of their phone (be it a podcast, or a voicemail message from grandma), they can just connect to the endpoint via Airplay.

And I can still use OpenHome/UPnP to play Internet Radio. (Yes, I know that’s a feature implemented in Roon 1.7. But it’s not implemented as I would like it to be.)

Thanks for the reply. None of that is a factor for me. I’ll just do HDMI from the Nucleus to the Oppo 203 and see how that works. I can always buy a switch later if need be. Or, I could put the Nucleus in the master bedroom next to the router, but I prefer it in the family room next to the Oppo. Thanks again.

By the way, I haven’t spent a bundle. I already had the Oppo 203 and I got the Nucleus from Roon as part of their Black Friday sale.

You’re too modest. :slight_smile:

I was bragging out how little I have spent.

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I guess it depends on if you stream anything else on the Oppo like Netflix or whatever if its still going to need an Ethernet connection to the internet.

As the Nucleus is noiseless its not going to matter where you put it in theory other than space and connectivity.

If your router has extra ports in the bedroom why not try it (Nucleus) there first then you don’t need to mess with the existing connections on the Oppo.

Thanks. I don’t use the Oppo for any other purpose and it doesn’t need internet access. I can turn WIFI back on if it needs updates from Oppo, but I doubt they are still sending any out. I might put the Nucleus in the bedroom if my wife can allocate a space for it. I like the idea of having it in the family room next to the Oppo and U-Verse box. I already have the 3 feet HDMI cable, so it’s about a one minute job to hook it up as long as it’s going to work properly.

I have my Nuc/Rock in the media closet and do use the hdmi out to my receiver or OPPO 205. As I recall, with ethernet you have stereo and video. With HDMI you have multi channel playback but no video, just the NUC\ROCK boot screen. Works well with both and sounds good. I have it connected to my receiver hdmi most of the time so I can use the multichannel surround processor to feed all the speakers. I’m deaf on the right side and prefer the sound all around me. Just personal preference.

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Just to follow up on this, my Roon Nucleus is installed and working perfectly. I have ethernet to the Nucleus and HDMI to Oppo 203. The Nucleus running 24/7 seems to be a much better situation than running Roon core on a multi-purpose laptop. I have very little music of my own loaded on the Samsung SSD drive I installed and close to 800 albums linked in Tidal and Qobuz. Regardless of what I click on, it loads and starts playing immediately. No more waiting around for 30 seconds for something to load. I’m loving this Nucleus.

I feel the same about my NUC/Rock setup. Have 3 zones currently, HDMI to Denon 8500 in the living room, Elac Discovery Z3 in the kitchen and my PC in the bedroon. It just works, grouped for music through out the house or something different for each zone. Only reason I have HDMI to the receiver instead of the OPPO 205 is so I can use the Dolby Surround Processor. Congratulations and enjoy…

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