Ethernet plumbing and switch question

With my current set up, my Nucleus is connected to an Orbi mesh satellite router in my home media room via a standard Cat 6 Ethernet cable. The satellite router connects via WiFi to the main Orbi Router connected to my modem in another room about 30 feet away on the same floor. I use a SSD in the Nucleus for internal storage instead of a NAS. The Nucleus outputs via USB to my Brooklyn DAC+ which is connected via AQ Earth XLRs to my ARC Ref 6 preamp. Simple set up. It’s working great with no drop outs. Would I experience better SQ for streaming content from Tidal by hardwiring the Orbi Satellite Router by running Cat6a Ethernet cable from the main router to the satellite? If so, should I add a switch to the satellite to connect the Nucleus or just use the switch in the router?

No diff. Sounds like you have a robust wifi connection. The music is completely unaware of the physical layer(s) of your network

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Thanks. There seems to be some debate though whether Wifi is more noisy than ethernet. The traditional view seems to be that ethernet will give you better sound. But, I wonder if there is a noticeable difference.

I’m not saying others will agree with my comments. My comment was based solely on the following statement:

So, continue enjoying your music collection. Or, you can start analyzing it – picking it to pieces until you convince yourself…