Ethernet Splitter? [Answered - Use a LAN Switch]

I have my Router, NAS and NUC all situated together on a shelf. I would like an ethernet cable to my NUC but I have no spare ports on the Router or NAS.

Do I require some sort of splitter for the NUC?

You need a simple unmanaged ethernet switch, they are typically available with 8 or more ports.
Connect the router to the switch and then the other devices to the switch.

As ISB supplied routers tend to be a jack of all trades, I prefer to have only the switch connected to it.


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There’s endless possible choices but you won’t go far wrong with something like this
NETGEAR GS105UK 5-Port Gigabit Unmanaged Ethernet Switch.

Yup - I have a couple of those Netgear switches in my network. The key thing is that the switch should be “unmanaged”- having “managed” switches can lead to problems…