Ethernet switch practices

I’m about to have a CAT 6 wire run from my basement router to my Nucleus. I also have my DAC and AVR that I need to connect. Is is better to have the switch attached to the router and run 3 separate wires from it, or is fine to run one to the switch upstairs and connect the Nucleus, DAC and AVR to it?

Perfectly fine to lay a single cable and then have a switch at the end for multiple devices to plug into. I do it all the time.

Personally, I would also add a switch right after the router. So, Router - Switch - (cable runs to other parts of the house) - Switch – (gear), is how I have myself setup.

Thanks. So using to switches won’t denigrate the single strength?

No, it won’t. You could also connect your DAC directly to your Nucleus with USB or HDMI if you want to give that a try. I use HDMI from Nucleus to Oppo 203.

Yes my Oppo 105 is connected into the Nucleus via USB. But can’t connect to the 105’s GUI with internet. I guess I can use the WiFi dongle to address this. But my Marantz needs to be Ethernet.

Can’t you use RCA out of your Oppo into your Marantz? That’s the only way to use your Oppo DAC if that’s your objective.

Yes. I have the Oppo going into the Marantz RCA. Nucleus into the Oppo digital in via USB.

So, all you need is ethernet from your router to your Nucleus and you’re done. You can see everything you need to see on your laptop or other control device.

I did it like this

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Same with RJ45 and 2 CISCO.

Nuc + hub-Wifi-MESH > CISCO1 > rj45 > CISCO2 > (only) Allo USBridge Signature

2 CISCO Meraki with PSU (HDplex 200) = top :slight_smile: