Ethernet vs. WiFi for the Core Device

I’m very new to Roon so please bear with me. I mainly use Roon to stream Tidal to my Lumin D2.

I think I read somewhere that if I connect my core device (a MacBook Air) via Ethernet rather than using WiFi, I would get better sound quality. If this is true, would there be a big difference?

My MacBook Air doesn’t have an ethernet port, can an ethernet cable from my router be connected to one of the other ports on my MacBook Air?

Ethernet vs. WiFi … is more about reliability (inc. clicks and dropouts) than AQ, if it’s work for you right now … then I suggest leave it as is.

If you wanted to hookup the MacBook Air via eithernet, Apple sell an interface cable.


That’s the best news you could have given me!

Right now I have that computer tucked up high on a closet shelf and it’s been totally reliable. I wasn’t looking forward to running a cable from my router and into that closet. I will leave things as they are and I really appreciate your help.