Euphony OS, Roon, HQ Player combo with Optical Rendu - Issue


I have Euphony OS installed on a server. I am running roon core + HQ Player. My renderer is a Sonore Optical rendu. So on the HQ Player settings option I am choosing the NAA option and selecting the renderer. This seems to work fine. However if I connect a USB to SPDIF convertor to the output of the renderer (Empirical audio offramp 5) and send the SPDIF signal to the DAC, no sound is coming out. First I thought it was a optical rendu problem, but if I choose spotify (without going through Euphony or roon), I am hearing music come out of speakers. Anyone has any suggestions?


You’ve posted without selecting a category so I’m not sure many people will see it. Do you want it in support or HQ player?

Thank you. Since there were a bunch of components involved, I wasn’t sure what exactly it should be tagged to. Any chance I can tag it with all three - HQ player , Roon support and euphony? Also optical rendu ?