Eva Cassidy - Songbird

AMD 3900x, 12core 24 thread - Core

Windows 10, AMD 3900x, 32gb, x570

Incorrectly identified music release.

Here is what was purchased from 7 Digital in Canada. Digital Download file name.

Metadata embedded in downloaded files:


So 10 tracks list out across three references to same album. Two grouped together as versions and one that floats about. So you can see from Metadata picture this is the digital download released by Blix Street Records…again purchased digital media file…so I shouldn’t have to make changes to metadata to get it sorted. No other problems with just under 62000 other tunes CD-Quality and above…

it takes 6 months or longer to fix these problems, please have a setting that METADATA and album picture is only taken from files. Which you have but rarely works to solve these problems.

I moved it to the Metadata section of support where it should be best situated I feel for further assistance.

Just reads like another issue of:

thanks but its is a digital download @BlackJack , so Roon must fix problem as company that created files won’t, they shouldn’t have to, they create files…If we have to start editing digital downloads to get Roon to recognize music its a support issue, this Metadata was done by record company who released music…

Its been a problem for years WE NEED AN OPTION to ignore Roon and manually load metadata from files. Plays fine in Jriver…


As you can see from the thread I linked, there is currently an issue with Roon when importing albums from files. They all get split-up in duplicate albums currently.
I suggest you wait until the current issue gets fixed and then re-evaluate if there is still an issue left.

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thanks I have 1149 artists and 4399 albums this is only problem, happened as soon as it was downloaded from previous experience this needs to be fixed by Roon and its MetaData company which was case with War of Worlds as well.

When one out of 4399 albums acts up…

If you read through some of the thread that @BlackJack linked to you will see that this is a fairly recent development that does only seem to affect local files…like a download.
Roon are aware and actively working on a resolution.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Then please report, the best way to fix a problem is have lots of examples of it.
Don’t assume its part of problem.

So I added 30-40 albums, but only this album goes sideways? Doubtful this is related.
That mentioned problem in link has been going on since I joined Roon lifetime…again have been through this with a few albums already…

There are reasons for local file albums getting split-up besides the current bug. The longstanding inherent reason is that Roon’s album identification may begin its work before an album becomes completely available - mostly when downloading or ripping albums directly in a Roon “watched folder” but may also occur when copying files into a watched folder over network (rarely, might indicate network issues).

Sorry for my tone with whats invested get harassed when things don’t work.

I have looked at meta data in mp3tag also. What support usually does is get me to upload a copy, they check and decide how to proceed. Seems to involve another party.

Have a great day

While Songbird was first released in1998 as Roon detects, this is the remastered version released in 2004 by record studio mentioned…again the version Roon claims as 2004 digital release does not match with what company actually released

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My network is pretty solid enterprise gear.

Then another split album into 8 different albums and another into 2 great stuff most of us use audio to relax. Tired of Roon adding stress to my relax time. It detected album fine then breaks album into 8 pieces???
I have tied adding files locally and over network.

Have you tried adding albums while Roon core is not actually active?
It’s a workaround that is working 99.5% of the time for now.

A fix is in the pipeline I believe.

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Yes I have, to me copying across network is better as it strips file permissions.

So redownloaded files from 7digital extracted, shut down roon core software, added as extracted to monitored directory. Brought Roon-Core come up and same problem. Default name folder then within album name folder.

8 recent titles fixed with various methods but this one and another release. No luck, I believe its the meta data that roon uses thats at fault. The other album I found under wrong artist. While he does perform on album he is part of group.

Just made a playlists for now


Hey @Jerry_B,

Thank you for getting in touch with this report. We’d be happy to help.

As @AceRimmer and @BlackJack mentioned we detected an issue in a recent bug that was affecting album import, in some cases splitting albums into multiple partially complete entities.

This was corrected in the build released yesterday. In checking your system diagnostics it looks like you’re still on Build 913. Please install the update when you have a moment. Roon updates are on a 2-3 week cycle now and fixes are much quicker. We haven’t been on the “6 months or longer” build cycle you mentioned for quite some time.

Actually, digital downloads frequently come with impartial or incorrect metadata. We encounter this frequently. And you can choose to use your own metadata rather than ours. You can do that by clicking the ellipsis on the album page itself or by going to Settings>Library>Import settings to make adjustment to how Roon handles metadata for your local files.

If you reimported the album while Roon was inactive there’s a good chance that there’s a snag in your file metadata somewhere.


You can also use the instructions here to merge the three impartial albums.

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this issue is not resolved so don’t accept your solution

Hi @Jerry_B,

Please use the instruction above to merge those albums. That should get you fixed up. :+1:t2:

no option to edit on far right on any of the three version of Eva Cassidy - Songbird

no option for this album either.

I can select three dots and get edit there but then there is no option to merge…I have confirmed these album MetaData is incorrect and for other versions. First one is a digital download remaster with a different tracklist the second is a DSD version. (assuming 1 minute is a long enough right click. Work on windows. Saying long right click makes me think apple…