Even not supported natively Roon works extremely well with all Illusonic Audio Processors

I totally agree with Christof Faller, owner of the unfortunately not too well known company Illusonic from Swiss. Quote: “IAP is like a Swiss Army Knife for audiophiles. It optimizes almost any sound system, room, and listening situation.”
We have been using several units for years and we are developing High End Loudspeakers with unique technology (energized and current controlled magnet systems). Not only that these IAP units are unexampled, but the software maintenance also enables settings that did not exist before.
The number of possibilities with IAP are immense: different rooms, different setups, different number of channels, different listening habits… Complexity is high and chance of error, too. To ensure an optimally tuned system for each customer, Illusonic developed its remote tuning system, by which Illusonic professionals analyze and tune each custumer’s system and room acoustic. Tuning service is included for free with every IAP !
As these audio processors are not supported natively by Roon as licensing is quite expensive and manufactured quantities are small we use them over USB. Of course there are solutions to run these over a network as UPnP/DLNA device, but it is more comfortable for us to use Roon, we like it.

A network connected device deserves full Roon Ready accreditation. I’m sure if Illusonic went the extra mile they would reap significant rewards.

Hi @roon-user-tin, who’s licensing costs are you referring to here?