Ever since adding Tidal albums to library, Overview page errors

I just started using Tidal and adding albums to my library. I noticed that since, every once in a while the Overview page will have “Error Loading Page” message. The weird thing is I can go to any other page without a problem.

Just happened again.

The overview page is generated dynamically and a large chunk of it is based on data pulled from Tidal. I’ve occasionally seen this error, but it goes away with a refresh of the page. I usually attribute it to the typical Tidal slowness as opposed to anything messed up in Roon.

I’ve seen it more frequently on a Windows core that is often doing other things which forces Roon to fight for resources.

Thank you. Whats odd is even though i get the error the Overview page actually does display correctly behind the error box. The only way to dismiss the error is to reload the page even thought its fine so I am stuck in an infinite loop of page loading error.

My core is on a Windows Server 2012 pc with only 42 processes running. Its CPU load is usually at 1-4% so I dont think that is the issue.

This is now pretty happening all the time. Help please.

@support any ideas??? This continues to happen regularly.

Hi @tboooe ----- Thank you for the report. Can you give me some details about your network configuration/topology and any networking hardware you are implementing in your setup.

Furthermore, in regard to this behavior you have noticed is it occurring on all of your devices or only some of them?


Hi @Eric thank your for the message. This issue occurs on all my devices that have an Overview page as part of the remote UI (I dont have this issue on my phone).

I have Roonserver running in a headless PC (i7-3770s, 8GB RAM Server 2012 R2). This PC communicates with my network via a wireless AC bridge (Dlink DAP 1650). I have an AC wireless router upstairs (Netgear Nighthawk R7000). My music network is on the 5ghz channel and is separate from my regular network on the 2.4ghz channel. I have no issues streaming 1080p video or DSD256 files on my network. The only apps on this PC is HQP and Roonserver. The CPU usage on this PC is usually 2-10% when listening to Tidal or PCM flac files.

My remotes are an i3 laptop and Android tablet also communicating via wifi on my network.

This happens whether or not I am playing music from my own library or from Tidal. It takes over 40 seconds of seeing the Roon logo before I get the error asking me to reload the page even though I can see that the page finally loaded correctly. I also checked my PC during this time and the CPU load, memory, and ethernet traffic remains low.

Just wanted to give an update on this…for whatever reason I havent seen this problem the past day on either of my remotes. I did not do anything to my Roonserver PC. I did however, lower the image memory usage in my Remote settings to either minimum or 96. I am not sure if this was what solved the problem.