Eversolo DMP-A6 Enhanced Signal Path Playing FLAC (and other) Files

This is very bizarre. I reset my DMP-A6 after a power cut. Roon reports audio as being Enhanced with a bright blue light in the signal path. This is for FLAC/ALAC/AIFF files of varying resolutions. DSD reports similarly. Prior to reset a trusty purple light was displayed in the signal path. The Eversolo display shows the audio as PCM/DSD even MQA correctly but Roon is now applying some conversion. What’s going on?

No one will know unless you share an image if the signal path.

Here’s where I show my ignorance. How do I do that? Screenshot and some form of upload?

When writing your post you’ll have that picture pictogram button bottom right to upload your screenshot

Much obliged. I’ll do that this evening.

You can also copy-paste a screenshot from the clipboard into the editing box

This is what Roon is reporting.

Disabling the (volume leveling) in the setting in the Roon app for your A6. You can see in your signal path that is the point in where the signal is being enhanced. Easy to see the transition from Purple 2 Green on your screenshot.


Thank you. That’s done the job. The mystery to me is how this came about. I have never visited those settings until your helpful advice.