Eversolo DMP-A6 & ROON issue

My Eversolo device is not recognized in ROON . So no eversolo on audio settings.

My ROON is installed on a NAS (Synology)

How to fix this settings ?

Might need a bit more info on your networking. I have a DAC-Z8 and is found immediately on my network.

Welcome to the forum. I don’t have one, however I thought I had read that you can go to settings on the DMP A6 to set the Roon Status.
Apologies if not correct, however I’m sure one of the many users on the forum may be able to offer assistance.
You could also do a search of the forum to see what information is already available.

I have DMP-A6 Master Edition .
Roon is installed on a Synology NAS both Eversolo/Roon on the same network .

I fixed it by changing networking from WIFI to WIRED :slight_smile:

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