Eversolo & MQA via Roon

I have been unable to get MQA out of roon on the Eversolo. My siginal Path is showing MQA, but all i am getting on the eversolo is PCM. It seems to be a Roon configuration problem, as i was able to stream MQA straight from the Eversolo App from Tidal. I am using USB from Mac to the Eversolo in, and USB out to my preamp. What am I missing

Did you set that?

Yes, MQA capabilities is set to decoder and renderer… My volume is set to fixed.

Try connecting it via rca/xlr to your preamp.

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As KC1 implies, the MQA Render phase happens at the “digital to analog” step. You need to use the Eversolo as the DAC and NOT the pre-amp.

As you have it now, you are sending digital (USB) to your PreAmp and it is acting as the DAC; which means that it is the PreAmp that needs to do the Rendering phase.


That did it, thank you very much for your help!!!

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I have a similar question here. I would like to use the eversolo as a streamer only and have it connected via USB to my Oppo 205. In this scenario, how should the eversolo be setup in Roon?

As much as I like the eversolo, to my ears, I prefer the DAC section in the Oppo 205.

I believe optical or coax out to amp is preferred.

thank you. I am trying to figure out how best to use the USB Out on the eversolo when trying to set it up in Roon. my intention is to use the eversolo as a streamer only, via the USB Out and connect into the USB DAC of the Oppo 205.

this link shows the USB Out on the eversolo:


The lower usb a connector on the Eversolo to the usb b connector on your oppo205. Should work fine, just make sure if you want upsampling on either device as they both can upsample. I have both of these devices but have not used them together.

Your 205 is already Roon ready via Ethernet, I’m not sure that you will see any advantage but you can try it.

Edit: I’m not certain if the usc output from the Eversolo will upsample, I know for sure that the Oppo will as can Roon so just make sure you have the settings right.

You need to use the USB Audio Out which is the lower USB connector in the back:

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