Every morning (or more often), strange Tidal albums are added to my roon collection

As the title says, every morning these strange Tidal albums are added to my collection and is shown in ‘Recent Activity’. I always delete the albums but they always come back the next day. I went to my tidal application and made sure they are not in my collection. I even tried blocking them from tidal, but no difference.

There are about 20~30 albums that periodicall added regularly. None of them are my taste.

I searched here and couldn’t find anybody reporting similar problems.
This is the most annoying problem, other than this issue I am very happy and impressed with roon.

Can someone help me get rid of this problem? Thanks!

Change your Tidal password. Someone else is using it.


@raindog is right
As a workaround, if it is always the same albums, Hide them instead of Delete.

That’s what I first thought. But they are always the same, unpopular albums. :disappointed_relieved:

I’ll try that. Thanks!

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure”… And more probable than Roon has developed ill-will against you and stuffing your Recent Activity with crap… And easy to check, no? :slight_smile:

Judging by your profile pic, you were destined to be the first responder to the OP case.

Thanks for your service. :+1:

Shocking how often this type of account hijacking occurs. I was reading an article a few weeks back detailing the number of Spotify accounts that get hijacked. Crazy numbers.

Change your password, also change it wherever else it is used as it’s been compromised. I’d recommend changing your banking password and anything else you deem important.