Every song stops after 4-8 seconds, skips to next

Often, I have an issue on all my machines where Roon will load up a song, play for 4-8 seconds, then skip to the next and show:

TIDAL: A networking or connectivity problem is interfering with TIDAL playback

This repeats through the entire queue.

My network is totally fine and I can access TIDAL by itself when it happens without any issues.

Then, after a while, it goes away. It comes back randomly, goes away randomly.

To me, it seems like something goes wrong with whatever is pulling the song after initial load.

My office network is gigabit ethernet to whatever Microsoft has going on in the building. At home, I’m on gig ethernet into my ASUS AC3200 router with gigabit service. It happens on my macs and on my windows computers.

Is this really network connectivity or is there a known issue? This happens quite often. When it happens no other network connectivity issues are apparent. I can access web pages and stream other services, including Tidal by itself.

Hi Jim,

You mention home and office, which appear to be two different networks, and macs and windows, which appear to be two different computers.

Can you describe each setup in more detail ?

Roon currently uses multicasting and UDP as well as TCP/IP. Problems where other software is not experiencing an issue can sometimes be solved by checking for any constraints on those protocols on the network. Your office network admin should be able to tell you if the office network has such constraints. Sometimes switches have multicasting or UDP turned off by default.

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I have exactly the same problem. Happens on Masters. Plays a few seconds Dialog Box about Network problem. Skips to next song don’t have the problem on Tidal. Sometimes after skipping a few songs it starts to work.