Every two weeks there’s something with Roon, this time Tidal

In the midst of clearing out a bunch of ripped flac files there’s gonna be some differences to my library. The problem is that I want to replace them with Tidal versions and I see Tidal no albums with these artists. Some of the artists are John Legend, ELO and Joe Walsh. In the Tidal app all are there. Thing is Roon has been really slow for two days also. It seems something is always up with Roon.

If you already own the flac versions, why would you want to replace them with Tidal versions?

Hi @bigj,

Using John Legend as an example, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Roon when you try to find these albums?

Sorry for a delayed answer. I really have to throw some files for storage reasons. The HD is jampacked, and since I don’t hear a difference between files and Tidal I delete some files.

I restarted Roon and things went back to normal.

Thanks, just curious as to the decision.

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