Everything was fine then lost 75% of album covers won’t load

Roon Core Machine

Antipodes audio dx3 oladra

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Rogers ignite

Connected Audio Devices

USB chord tt

Number of Tracks in Library

30,000 tracks

Description of Issue

So not immediately after the latest roon update and mac os update, I just noticed 75% of my library of covers won’t load. Tried cleaning library, clean cache, restart roon, restart computer, restart my DX with oladra, and no change. Its aesthetic i realize and doesn’t effect playing, except for inspiration. So im a bit of a loss as to where the problem is. Any suggestions, im not a computer geek. Lastly all roon remote apps, on my iMac, iPad, iPhone all have the same no 75% no album covers.

You could try restoring a recent backup just in case a problem occurred with the Roon db during the last update.

well restored back up from roon back ups and sub folder roonbackup, and actually made it worse, 99% no covers either grey blank squares or empty squares, d

Sorry to hear it’s even worse, that said it sounds like it was likely to get worse anyway.
Is Roon rescanning the library, that would take a while with 30k+ tracks?
If not, & If it were me, I would try reinstalling Roon, however, it might be worth holding on for a short while as some other contributors might have suggestions.

Yes it rescanned the library. I’ll wait for any further input. Also placed a thread at antipodes audio but no feedback yet.

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Ok found solution, uninstall roon, reinstall. It rescanned and in ten minutes, fixed. But accomplished this through my antipodes

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