Exact Album Search Missing Content

Roon Core Machine

2011 Mac Mini 2.5Ghz i5 16 GB 512SSD OSX 10.13.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Asus 86U/Netgear 1GB x 24 port all wired

Connected Audio Devices

Yamaha 3040, Rpi, wired

Number of Tracks in Library

120K tracks

Description of Issue

Under albums, or any search, I want to find a specific word string e.g. “The Complete Blue Note”. or just “Complete Blue Note” and I get back results with “Complete” or “Blue” and missing the complete string. Examples include “The Complete Pacific Jazz Sessions” all Roon hit on was the word “Complete”

This is very frustrating and limits the usability of Roon search.

Is this a support question or a Feature Request? If it is a Feature Request, I can move it over for you.

If I am “searching” my own library, then I use Filter not Search. Filter will very quickly find exact contains matches in your library.

Search on the other hand is actually many different searches occurring and being aggregated. I would agree that it would be great if search allowed the user to add contextual clues, such as quotes to indicate a phrase to be searched. And, that would be a Feature Request, if it is not already one.

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Hey @Chris_Lischy,

Thanks for letting us know what you’re experiencing when searching for content in Roon. We’re very sorry it isn’t working quite as you expected it to. As you might have seen on the community site, the search functionality in Roon is something we’re working on, so, hearing reports like yours is really helpful.

@Rugby’s explanation and alternative seems to be a great way to find exactly what you’re looking for. Have you had the chance to give it a try?

Thanks @Rugby :pray:

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It would be greatel if Roonlabs team integrate Apache Lucene as search engine for Roon. It is a very powerful search engine and free (open source).