Examples of stations with linkable metadata?

Running 1.7 build 521 and Roon Remote build 511 on my iPad (I don’t see an updated ipad app in the store), I have yet to see an example of linkable metadata. I’ve tried various Popular Stations. Right now I’m playing SomaFM Black Rock. The track playing is definitely known to Roon. What am I missing?

I just saw in another thread that there is likely a 521 update for the iPad too. I bet that’s what I’m missing. Don’t see the update yet. I’m in Spain but looks like I’m logged in with my US app store account.

Yes, the Apple store seems to be slow updating things today and you will need B521 to see the new feature. Let us know if the problem is still there after an update.

Just like that the update showed up. It’s working now, thanks.

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