Exasound Playpoint

A warm welcome to the Exasound Playpoint which is now certified Roon Ready. It is also an NAA for users who prefer an HQP output.

Unfortunately the Playpoint is limited to use with an Exasound DAC, so check it out if you have one and look elsewhere if you haven’t.

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exa commented to another post of mine that they expect to make it available for other dacs. It would be a welcome addition.

I’m confused. The Exasound is certified as being a Roon Ready device - which to me implies that it is a player that has implemented RAAT. Yet over in the CA forum it is being claimed that “The Playpoint has the capability to run Roon Server”, yet it doesn’t have either full Roon or Roon Essentials in it.

Is there yet another flavour of Roon flowing around in the wild? @danny or @brian - can either of you help clear up my confusion, please?

The PlayPoint implements RAAT + also runs Roon Server.

The Roon Server implementation is based on our public x64 packages, just like sonicTransporter and others.

Ah, OK. Thanks. I’ll get the hang of this one of these days.

Apparently they made this available in a MkII version:


Anyone using this?