Excessive Email Spam from ROON (ref#D2EGXO)

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I can’t believe the obscene amount of emails I get from ROON that are completely useless and have nothing to do with me. STOP SPAMMING ME IMMEDIATELY.

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Galaxy Book 2 pro 360 16GBbRam core I-7 12th Gen

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Denon Airplay

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Wifi 1.2 Gbps


Of the two Roon emails in your screen shot, the Security Alert is sent when you log onto the forum and the community information can be turned off in your forum profile. You’ll probably want to turn off the Mailing List Mode, also.

Yeah, the security alert is a PITA. Can’t stop that, AFAIK.

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Unsubscribe to the emails link is on them for marketing stuff, doesn’t take two minutes to do it. The security one is for your own benefit to ensure your using Roon and it’s not being accessed by someone else without your permission.

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But mail filters exist


FYI for future reference:


There is no unsubscribe link in any of the emails I’ve recieved miss 2 minutes thx

Its been going on for 2 weeks since I signed up for the trial. I’ve deleted them and it isn’t exacty easy to contact this company. I don’t want any emails from Roon unless someone has hacked my account. There is also NO unsubscribe option in any of these emails. Just a contact us blurb. I found some email stuff finally yesterday in this support forum which I find odd, it should be in the app itself.

I do like the app, its a lot easier to navigate than Qobuz. Plus I can add my own music as well. Its just all these emails about nothing really.

Hence, the security alert e-mail.

Yeah, if one can identify just the e-mails (only those e-mails) one wants to ignore.

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If someone logs into your account, the only person who can know if this is legitimate is you. You can set up a rule in Gmail and move these login notification emails away.

They always contain the same text that is unlikely to repeat in other emails coming from Roon. (Like “New sign in detected”)

Anyways, I simply don’t log out of the forum and I never get these

Well I turned them off and don’t get any marketing emails. So there is a way.


I don’t know which mails you checked for unsubscribe links, but the “Roon Labs Community” summaries clearly have a link at the bottom.

Several years ago, I noted that we get absolutely NO email from Roon. Why no communication? Don’t you have something to say? @danny replied (I don’t have the exact wording): “You really want us to fill your mailbox with more junk? Don’t you have enough already?”.

Now I’m thrilled to regularly get email from Roon, and everyone is complaining their mailbox is full of junk. Don’t like the “Roon Security Alert”? Delete it.

You can’t win with this group.


I sometimes get email from Roon but I don’t think I get all of them (e.g. the Mastery emails, I think I got just one or two). Do you have any idea where I can subscribe to these things? There’s nothing in my account on the Roon website. Thanks :slight_smile:

(I.e., not community forum emails, I know how to configure those, but emails from Roon)

This is the only email configuration (forums only) that I’m aware of. That said I rarely get emails other than the occasional support email regarding updates…:thinking:

Thanks, yes, that’s the one I am aware of, but I think that’s only for the forum. What I’m wondering about is emails from Roon as such. Maybe I am worrying about nothing, but people seem to get the Master emails, for instance, and I don’t think I do, so I thought there must be some subscription setting for getting emails from Roon

@PixelPopper those are settings for this Community. There’s no option for subscriber emails.

But isn’t that weird? I mean, if someone, say, unsubscribes via a link in marketing emails, surely there must be a way to resubscribe (not on the forum website, but somewhere)? Maybe I am just confused


Like you I’ve checked the Roonlabs site and can’t find anything…

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I absolutely agree. If it were me, I’d give the subscription login a bunch of options and data (such as subscription history), including a simple flag allowing the subscriber to chose which emails to receive. But that’s just my 2¢. My best to you.

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