Excessive Email Spam from ROON (ref#D2EGXO)

I love this. Get’s two emails (one with an unsubscribe link and another a security alert) and STOP SPAMMING ME IMMEDIATELY! This made my day.


I also love when people get angry they write Roon in all caps. ROON!


I was getting them then managed to get to a setting to stop them and I now get none. I am sure it was a link within the email to stop them.

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Yeah and I might have clicked that, but maybe I want them turned on again, so how? :slight_smile:

Absolutely no idea. I’d rather not get any as they are only repeating stuff I can find on here or via their website.

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I’ve ironically found this thread via a Roon Labs Community Summary email. :rofl:


Roon, please find and play the world’s tiniest violin :violin:
I’ll start a GiveSendGo campaign.
We are going to help you get through this!

This is the most absurd thread I have seen. ROON does not come with basic email training.

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