Excessive sensitivity of parsing directory names

I had this structure:

Franz Waxman
Taras Bulba
Taras Bulba, Disc 1
Taras Bulba, disc 2

(the small differences were like that)

The system identified the two discs correctly, but did not assemble them into discs 1 and 2 of an album.

I edited it to the canonical form:
Franz Waxman
Taras Bulba
Taras Bulba disc 1
Taras Bulba disc 2

And now it worked, became one album.

Very finicky…

Oops, the layout was messed up in the post. But you understand the structure:
Franz Waxman/Taras Bulba/Taras Bulba, Disc 1/FLAC files

a comma and two spaces before the “Disk”
Removed the comma and extra space and it was ok.

Btw, the FLAC files had the correct disc 1/2 markers.

noted and work item created

Hey there @AndersVinberg. Apologies for the delay in addressing this issue but I’m looking into it now!

I’m having trouble replicating the scenario you described. I tried a variety of combinations of directory names with commas/spaces as described and in all cases (so long as the string “disc” or “disk” and a number is included at the end of the directory) I get the correct result.

Can you still get into the situation where Roon does wrong parsing directory names? If so, can you get into that state and then upload a support package?

@AndersVinberg – if you have some logs to send us, you can reuse the Support ID I sent you via PM a while back. Let us know if you have any issues.

(Sorry for the delay, was off boating for a few weeks.)

I can’t replicate it now, with build 30.
As I was trying various experiments, I found that somehow I had ended up with all the tracks in the root directory /Franz Waxman/Taras Bulba/ in addition to all the tracks in the subdirectories …/disc 1/ . But that doesn’t seem to have an effect, with or without those extra tracks the system still recognized the two-disc album. With the extra tracks I got two copies of the album, but that is of course correct.

So either the problem has gone away, or my original error report was mistaken. Not impossible, I have made mistakes. I remember in 1987…

Anyway, never mind.

@mike @jeremiah (Forgot to put the @ markers in…)

Thanks for the follow-up @AndersVinberg. I’m jealous of your boating vacation and glad things are in good shape now :smile:

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