Exchange Tidal albums with Qobuz album in my libary

Hi, I do have added hundreds of Tidal albums into my library which I now want to exchange with the one from Qobuz. Is there an solution to do it all in once?

I have been looking through the feedback but not come across the solution to this yet. I am considering a month trial with Qoboz and I was thinking I might see how this was done when I started.

You can look here:
I have tried this but I was not satisfied.

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Hi Hartmut,
thanks for the TIP. Soundiiz worked fine for me. All Album & Playlist successfully transferred.
Only (smal) problem: The import date are all set ‘today’.

Why were you not satisfied?

Ok, I have to correct myselve. Some of my playlists did not always found the corresponding albums. Annoying…

Hi Knud, same with me. About 30% of my albums were not correctly transferred. That is not a satisfying result.