Exchanging Qobuz album with local album after purchase

I am wondering if there is a simple way of doing the following:

  • I added an album from Qobuz to my library
  • I make some changes (adding credits, genres, etc) and I am selecting my favourite track by using the “heart” symbol. I also added a few tracks to playlists.
  • At some point I am purchasing the album
  • I download, retag everything and add the album to the library
  • In the end I have two versions of the album (1x Qobuz, 1x Local)
  • I chose the local album to be the primary version

Is there a way of “copying” all my changes/edits including favourites made previously in the Qobuz version to the local version

Is there a way of replacing the Qobuz songs in the playlists with the local songs

Or do I have to redo everything from scratch ?