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I have a very large collection of music. Decided that iTunes was no longer usable so am testing Roon
but there are some folders that still need some work.

When telling ROON where my music is , can I exclude some folders?

I will need to start from scratch in Roon too.


Hi Ray

There is an option Ignored Paths per watched folder, have a look in FAQ: How do I import music? for details … it’s normally used to exclude special folders say used by file-sync applications or recycle bins, temp folders etc. rather than music folders.

Out of curiosity what’s in these folders that you wish to exclude?

My folder structure is organised like this:

  • /Music/Roon/Main/…
  • /Music/Roon/WIP/…
  • /Music/Other/…

Any audio that I may have that I don’t want in Roon I store the “Other folder”.

HI Carl

Many thanks for your quick reply. I will have ago at that tonight - Thanks
In these folders are a lot of tracks that that I just have not got around to tagging yet…

The structure of my Music folder is


Simples !

I would say that 80% have tags and album artwork

But I want to exclude my CD Singles too - as they also need a lot of work

I have been working my way through it , but decided that I have had enough of ITunes and want to bite the bullet . I do like the look of ROON so I want to make it a success.

I don’t Roon to be littered with " Unknown data "
By the way the Music is on a NAS drive


That’s what I use my /Music/Roon/WIP/… folder for. “WIP Work In Progress” once I’m happy I move the files to the main watched folder.

Roon allows one to focus [filter] by watched location and also they can be enabled / disabled at will.
I find it helps when sorting out unruly albums.

Hopefully I can spend some time over the weekend knocking it in to shape

You might be surprised how well Roon does with these.

When you import content, we look at a lot more than just file tags – file names, file lengths, and file tags all play a part as Roon identifies your media, and when the identification is successful that information is applied in Roon, so your files are never modified or updated in any way.

In a lot of ways, Roon is designed to alleviate the need to perfectly tag each file (although we do have a lot of functionality for grooming and integration of data from your file tags). This article is worth a read, if you’re interested.

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