Exclusive Audio Mode kills YouTube

Sometimes I forget I’m listening via exclusive mode and when I try and watch a video on YouTube it simply won’t play. It’s as if the computer knows audio is impossible and prevents the video from loading properly. If I transfer my queue to a non-exclusive output on the PC (windows 10) and hit reload, YouTube works just fine.

Is this a Roon, Windows or YouTube issue? It’s rather annoying as much of my listening is desktop based.

I can have Roon up and playing in exclusive mode and still open and play youtube videos. No sound of course. Win 10 64 Enterprise, Firefox browser.

It does say this may be an issue in the Knowlege Base. Computer audio has compromises if you don’t use a dedicated machine.
Use exclusive for best quality but …

Guess I missed that in the KB. Strange though that it actually knee-caps another app and web service like that.

It does what it says on the tin.

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I guess you have read it by now but this is the specific section.

“That said, there are plenty of reasons not to use it, too. If you need to be able to hear notification sounds during playback, or you like to watch YouTube while listening to music, it’s not necessarily a great idea to use this setting–since Roon will keep those other things from working properly. As with many aspects of computer audio, there is often a tradeoff here between convenience and sound quality.”