Exclusive mode and the Microrendu/Lindemann combo

I’d like a reality check here.

Everything is working fine. But making sure I’m getting the best possible SQ giving that I’m using a non Roon ready Lindemann Musicbook DSD with a Microrendu plugged into its USB port, I have noted differences in how my devices are seen.

Early on (the first couple of weeks) when I ran Roon, Roon recognized that I had a Lindemann Musicbook. Then something changed. It no longer recognized my Lindemann but recognized the Microrendu. Why did it forget about the Lindemann?

Also in exclusive mode, it appears that I should NOT use this mode as the Lindemann is a native DSD Dac that upsamples everything to DSD. However, it seems that if I’m running Roon on a “busy” computer and want that “audiophile” experience mentioned in the exclusive mode explanation, then maybe I should use this mode. Given too that I’m purely networked, that is, both the Lindemann and the microrendu are passing audio through my local network, maybe I shouldn’t use exclusive mode such as what I gather from the statement below;

This concept only applies to connected outputs–i.e. USB DACs, sound cards, or built-in outputs connected to Roon, Roon Server, Roon Remote, or Roon Bridge. If you are using a networked output (AirPlay, Squeezebox, Meridian, or Roon Ready), then the device takes care of this implementation detail internally.

Thanks for your help.