Exclusive mode, hdmi, only 48 kHz can play

Roon Core Machine

MacBookPro M1 Ventura,

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet LAN

Connected Audio Devices

Lan from router to Mac and Hdmi to Oppo 205

Number of Tracks in Library

5000 tracks

Description of Issue

Connected to my Oppo with hdmi in exclusive mode only 48 kHz tracks can play, 44,1 kHz tracks do not. Not the same issue with Usb. Tested in DSP option Max PCM, could then not play at all. ??

Hi @Ulf_Lorensson,

Do you have any other DSP engaged with this Zone, like Parametric or, in particular, Procedural EQ?

The team will investigate diagnostics in the meantime. Please provide a rough timestamp or example track from when you next experience this error to expedite our investigation, and leave your Core online for several hours at some point in the next few days to allow the diagnostic report to reach our server. We’ll follow up shortly once we’ve reviewed more additionally.

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