Exclusive mode ios?

i’m using an ipod touch 7th gen. as an ios endpoint into my chord mscaler with imac as core. i’ve stripped down the ipod touch so virtually nothing can interfere with roon. 3 questions thanks.

  1. is it true an ios enpoint doesn’t support exclusive mode?

  2. why is this?

  3. does lack of exclusive mode with ios devices adversely affect the sound quality in any way?

many thanks mk.

Hi @musickid,

Thanks for reaching out. Let me get your questions over to our hardware team as they’re the ones who are most familiar with how iOS playback is done, once I hear back we will reach out once more, thanks!

Hello @musickid,

Playback with Roon using an iOS device and the Apple Camera Connection Kit is always in Exclusive Mode. Enjoy your bit-perfect playback!


does this mean exclusive mode is automatically engaged with an ios device and apple camera connection kit? i ask because there is no option to turn on or off exclusive mode with my ipod touch 7th gen? many thanks.

Yes, as per @john’s latest response Exclusive Mode is always on, so yes it is automatically engaged.

many thanks. good to know my set up is bona fide.

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