Exclusive mode locks iMac Audio Midi to 88kHz-why?

Hi all, my first post and from poking around here, it seems like a helpful environment and pleasant place to be.

I have just downloaded Roon (wow-light years ahead of what I’m used to) and intend to run it on an older Innuos Zen Mk1, however in the meantime I’m trying a 2017 iMac (Catalina) as a Core and player. iMac is connected USB to a Musical Fidelity MX-DAC, which is not Roon ready.

I notice that enabling Roon’s exclusive mode locks the iMac’s USB audio output in the OS’s Audio Midi Setup to 88.2kHz, as confirmed by the DAC’s display. Disabling Exclusive Mode and playing with DSP upsampling, I see 192kHz on the DAC.

Is Roon designed to lock the iMac’s USB to 88kHz in Exclusive mode? If so, why? If not, why is it happening?


I’ve moved to this #support so it gets some Roon staff response - others may also chime in in the meantime.

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Hi @Nadeem_Khan,

Welcome to the forum and apologies for the delay in getting back to you here. I have a few suggestions:

  1. Can you please send a screenshot of your Signal Path when there is content playing?

  2. How are your MQA capabilities set for this zone in the Device Setup tab? Is there any change in behavior if you set your MQA Capabilities to None? You can access device setup by right clicking the zone name (next to the volume icon in the bottom right-hand corner) -> Device Setup.

Hi Norris thanks for your reply, which I missed

I have since moved the core to an Innuos Zen Mini Mk 1 and it’s all working fine, so I haven’t tried your suggestions but thanks anyway. It was just odd that the iMac was forcing the output to 88.2khz max in Exclusive mode.

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Hi @Nadeem_Khan,

No worries. If you have any further issues regarding this topic just let me know, thanks!

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