ExFat drives aren't accessible from ROCK in case of mounting via SMB [Fixed, B156]

Hello Danny,

As per my post a bit higher up on this thread, this workaround doesn’t appear to completely solve the issue. the cifs command appeared to work but when then using the second smb as per the comments from Piotr (6 days ago) my main drive is again locked. Also seems that drive access is much slower.

I do think have the same problem with my windows pc:


It works as you suggest. And yes the drive is ExFat

I don’t believe there’s a need to do the second smb command. If you can connect using cifs, leave it at that. That’s what I’ve done, and all works just fine.

Thanks for you reply…thought the second SMB command restored the drive to the faster protocol…not so? Disc access seems slow but I have no measurements to corroborate this.

You’re welcome. The second smb command did not work for me either, but Roon functions without it and I have access to my files. I do agree that response is slightly slower, but nothing I can’t live with until Roon implements a fix.

”…until ROON implements a fix…”. As you say, this isn’t a big problem but hope it is on their radar and planning a fix. .
In my limited experience some of these more minor issues seem to slide down the list with minimal comment from ROON representatives.

Just discovered that I have this problem too. I do not use my Mac to access ROCK external HDDs normally (so no idea when this started) but have just noticed them showing in Finder with the same error message as detailed above and ‘No Entry’ symbols over each drive.

Just updated ROCK Core and ROON to build 300 and the problem re-appears. Both backup drive and music drive have become locked.

After this update ROON cannot not write to the drives using the cifs protocol…so what’s up?

multiple post. Apologies

We’ll take a look Warren, but just to be clear, the changes in Build 300 shouldn’t have any effect on drive mounting in ROCK.

So I understand, you’re not able to mount the drive using CIFS at all anymore, or the mount you previously set up stopped working here?

Hey @Wdw, can you run this command in terminal and paste here an output ?

smbutil statshares -a


Sorry if not clear…the drives were not accessible as drives (to write files to, etc) although readable by ROON ROCK. Following the suggestions within this thread I unmounted and remounted using “cifs://rock/data”. the drives then showed themselves to be accessible to write to.
Following the latest update, build 300, the drives were, once again flagged as per the screen shot below. I, once again, repeated the procedure of unmounting and mounting with cifs://rock/data but in this case the music drive was still flagged as unreadable . Thanks for your assistance

As requested…Thanks, Warren

Basing on the command output ROCK’s Data folder was mounted via SMBv2, in case of using CIFS command SMBv1 must be shown. Not sure how that happened, but I recommend you to try the procedure once more:

  1. Press on the Eject button
    57 AM
  2. Run smbutil statshares -a and make sure that terminal doesn’t output! data share anymore
  3. While in Finder press CMD+K (shortcut to open Connect to Server window)
  4. Enter cifs://rock/data or cifs://IP_of_your_ROCK/data and press Connect button
  5. Select Guest account and press Connect button again
  6. Check your Samsung drive.

Followed you and remounted the drive using cifs and it is now showing smb_1. So am wondering why this workaround is required. Is this an issue at my end or generated by ROON? Is it also true that SMBv1 is slower? Does the ROCK revert back to SMBv2 after a reboot? If so that could explain the change back to SMBv2.
Thanks for you assistance.

For the record, had the same problem with Rock - unable to connect to external USB drive. The internal ROCK music storage was fine. The fix @vova supplied above did the job. If it happens again I’ll document the full chain of events that led up to the problem appearing.

Just wanted to let you guys know that we’ve released a fix to this issue in latest ROCK update (build 156). If you aren’t running it yet, I strongly suggest to update your ROCK OS.
Current fix eliminates the need to mount the ROCK’s folder via CIFS protocol on OSX, from now on you can use SMB.

Thanks for patience.

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