Existing artist image not used for playlist

Why this?

“Natural” Please with Artist Image

Hey @Uwe_Albrecht,

Can you elaborate on the problem you’re having?

Hi Jamie,

I occasionally observe that a large image is displayed on the artist page as shown here. Then when I send an album from my library to playback, I only get the album image. The artist image is unfortunately missing from the playback. I always think in such cases of a verifying case that was not yet completed.

On further enhancement with Valence, I find the image. Sometimes even more images and I make the effort to optimize it, evaluate it, find bigger or better images.

Improving something is always possible, but here a first and good chance was not used in rendering. As long as an image is still under verifying, I understand it, but I seem to remember that it was different here four days ago. Reasons?

On this occasion also take a look at Hibari Misora - Wikipedia and give a hint to the people at Tital that it is not Misora Hibari. TIDAL

Thanks Uwe