Exogal Comet Firmware?

Does anyone out there have the latest/more recent firmware for this dac? (And how to apply it) I only have v1.36 and the last one was v2.something. Sorry to ask here but as Exogal are out of business, I don’t know where to ask. Not sure this is the right place to post this. Any advice appreciated

Hi. Are you having a problem? I think v2 was only need to use their Ion amp. I also have a Comet using v1.36

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Thanks a lot!

I assumed there would be improvements to either the interface or sound? But no, not having any issues, just realising it had old firmware thats all

hat jemand eine Anleitung wie und mit welchem Updater die Software auf den Comet geupdatet wird?


I don’t know. Try contacting a distributor such as Kog Audio now that exogal have stopped trading.