Exogal problems

My Exogal Comet dac crashes after the update toV1.5 of Roon. It happens when I switch to a new CD. The resync delay is increased tp 1000 msec, but this does not help.
My system: Audiostore server with SonicOrbiter model Vortex Nova V1.5 connected throug USB to Roon Ready.
Any suggestions?

What is its firmware level?

I posted this problem some time ago but did not receive an answer.
I upgraded to V1.5, SonicOrbiter, Exogal Comet dac.
After the upgrade the dac crashes when I switch from one flac file to another.
Sometimes with the same resolution, sometimes with another resolution.
According to the developer of the Exocal the problem is in the MQA implementation of Roon. I do not use MQA, i disabled MQA and the MQA core, stil the dac crashes from time to time with a loud spike which probably damaged my tweeters.
Any solution for this very serious problem?
I did not ask for MQA, I do not need it, so why is it automaticly installed without asking it.

Mike, if you have ‘enable core MQA decoder’ turned off in device settings, advanced settings and are playing albums that are not MQA eg most ripped cd’s then MQA is not happening, whilst it may be a Roon issue did the dac manufacturer point out what he believed was broken?

Hello @Mike_Agsteribbe,

I’m sorry to hear about the issues you are having, let’s get things back up and running for you!

  1. I’m going to enable diagnostics on your account so we can get a better idea of what’s happening here. The next time your SonicOrbiter is powered on and Roon is being used, a diagnostic package will be generated and uploaded to the Roon servers
  2. Do you have a Windows or MacOS computer that you can connect the Exogal Comet to and see if you are getting the same behavior?


Did you receive the diagnostic package? Any results?

I would like to have at least some response.

For your info: Roonready version is after the upgrade V1.1.30

Hey @Mike_Agsteribbe – sorry for the slow response here. We’ve been actively looking into this, and we have a theory about what’s going on here.

@john has been working to prove our theory so we can get this resolved for you, but you have our apologies on the slow response. We’ll be in touch with more details soon.

Any chance for a solution soon? I cannot play music now without the risk of damaging my speakers.

Hello @Mike_Agsteribbe,

I had the tech team take a look at your diagnostic logs, and they were able to locate some odd behavior occurring between the DAC and the Vortex Nova. In order to diagnose what is causing this behavior, they have requested that you plug the Exogal Comet into another computer running Roon and playing to the device. Using the headphone output on the Comet will suffice for monitoring the behavior of the device.


I do not have access to another computer running Roon

Hello @Mike_Agsteribbe,

Would it be possible to install Roon as a remote on a laptop or other device? You don’t need the device to run as your Roon Core, just Roon Remote or even Roon Bridge will suffice.

Just so you know, we’re still looking into things on our end. We’re reaching out to Exogal to make sure this is investigated thoroughly and properly.


Do you meaning running it with the same dac, or running f.i. from the mac an playing via the mac?
Are you still monitoring?

I had it running on the Mac, output first Exogal, later iMac.
Let me know if this is enough for your team

Hello @Mike_Agsteribbe,

For this testing, you should have the Exogal plugged into the iMac via USB. What we need to see is if the Exogal behaves differently plugged into the Mac than it does the Vortex Nova. You should then play to the Exogal in a manner that would cause the DAC to crash when connected to the Vortex Nova to see if you are seeing the same behavior on both computers.


Sorry, but that is not possible, I do not have a NAS. The Vortex is streamer and server combined, So the mac can only function as a remote for the dac connected to the Voretex Nova.
It is impossible to reproduce the crashes because they are completely unpredictable.
Maybe you can borrow an Exogal Comet from the company, they suggested to me they were willing to lend you a Exogal Dac to you investigate.

Hello @Mike_Agsteribbe,

As long as you are able to play music to the device using Roon Remote on your iMac with the Exogal connected via USB to the iMac, that would suffice.

Since the Exogal Comet is a Roon Tested device, we actually have one in-house, but thank you for passing on that correspondence from Exogal. The device is actually in-transit to a member of the tech team for further analysis.


The current firmware level for the Comet is 2.25, which can be found on our new website at http://exogal.com/products/product-support.

We are in the home stretch for releasing the much awaited Vortex streamers by around early December and will begin accepting orders from dealers when they are ready. Details on the Vortex models can be found on the respective product page on our website, including system diagrams.

Brian Walsh
US Sales Representative