Expanding NUC Storage Capacity

Hi,sure this question has been asked, but my original internal 1t of storage in my NUC713BNH 7 gen i3-7100u is nearly full.What would you recommend to expand the memory, external ssd (with back up maybe? or back up another way).

I replaced the internal 1TB SSD with a 4TB Samsung 870 SSD inside the NUC. My preference is internal over external. I have a USB attached SSD for roon backups.

I need a more robust backup process for the library. Currently I have one copy of my library on the laptop I use for downloads and one copy on an external USB SSD. After downloading new music I use copy/paste or drag/drop to update the NUC and external backup drive. Also have a copy on an SSD that I keep in the fire prof safe. Nothing offsite or automatic and I have to remember to update the SSD that stays in the safe.

Others in the community will likely chime in with much better backup suggestions.


FWIW I sync my room media drive with a drive on a mac mini (I consider my mac the master). So that gives me two copies. I use Goodsync - which I pay for - but there are many other options.

I then run Time Machine backups of the mac drive. I have two backups drives and keep one of the backups offsite.

(In fact I also have a second Room installation in my studio - and Goodsync keeps that up to date too by syncing over the internet)

BTW Like @Mike_LC - I prefer to keep my media on internal drives in the NUCs. And like Mike I use samsung 870s. SSDs because my NUCs are fanless and I want to keep them quiet.

Thanks for the reply’s.
Mike, how did you go about moving your data from the 1tb to the 4tb ssd, I read somewhere this could be a problem…

It was easy. After replacing the SSD drive I powered up the NUC, went to the web ui, formatted the drive from there and stopped the Server software. From my windows 10 laptop I used copy and paste to the NUC from the File Explorer. When the copy to the NUC was complete I started the sever software from the web-ui and waited for the Roon database process to complete.


Do you have a copy of your media somewhere?

If not you can get a dongle to allow you to connect the SSD you remove to a usb port, although the format isn’t easily readable on Mac or Windows.

You could connect it to a usb port on your nucleus - and then access as a network share - although copying will involve 2 network hops. So connect both computers to Ethernet if you can.

Thanks Mike and Greg,
I do have a copy of the media.
I will have ago and follow your suggestions.
Much appreciated.

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