Expected sleep behavior for Mac running Roon server

I’ve been running my Roon Server from my desktop Mac (2022 Mac Studio).

When the Mac is sleeping, but Roon server running:

  • iOS app loads and can access library
  • Shows “No audio devices found” in the playback controls

When Roon server is not running:

  • iOS app says “Waiting for Roon server” and does not load normally

The end result is the same: I can’t play music.

Why the difference? Is this expected?

And is there a setting to allow Roon to wake the Mac to allow it to find the audio devices?

This is correct behavior, the iOS and other remote apps are just clients to the server, not stand alone apps unto themselves.

No Wake on LAN setting for Roon, as you are running MacOS I seem to remember that others have used Amphetamine. Not sure though since I am a Windows guy, and always keep my servers on 24/7.

Yes and Caffeine works similarly: https://www.caffeine-app.net/

I have a Roon server on my 2019 iMac 5K 27".

Have been experimenting lately in ways to not allow the system from going to sleep when the screen saver is set to start, to be able to access my library on the fly so to speak. Amphetamine can be setup to allow the system screen saver / turn the display off but not sleep, which is handy for a my MacBook. For example I have Amphetamine set up to run when I open Roon and stop on exiting Roon, that way when I am in the living room for example can run Roon to my Matrix Elements I endpoint and can control playback etc and even close the lid without stream stopping when the screen saver kicks in. Not sure what adverse effect leaving the lid closed with Amphetamine running over time " Apart from battery drain "would have on the OS but that is a debate for another forum.

The bottom line is I set my iMac not to sleep automatically when the screen saver kicks in, and when I am finished using the iMac for other tasks just log out. If you are a person concerned about energy usage, for your information the system uses about 2% energy with no tasks running except for the Roon Server so the actual cost to run is minimal in my opinion but your milage may differ?.

Sorry for the long winded post but thought I would share my experience regarding the subject.