Experience running Roon and HQPlayer from the same Linux box?

I currently have a 2012 Mac Mini running Roon connected to a Weiss DAC202 by FireWire. This DAC does not have a USB input.
My proposed project is to purchase a beast Linux box to run both Roon and HQPlayer. I propose to load both Roon Bridge OSX and HQPlayer NAA OSX onto my Mac Mini and upgrade it to a SSD and maybe UpTone Audio linear power supply.
My DAC does not not handle DSD, so HQPlayer would be limited to up sampling to 24/192.
Does anyone have any suggestions or experience with this setup?

The new T+A DAC 8 DSD single bit to DSD 512 looks very interesting with HQPlayer, but a man has only so much money to spend!


Upsampling to PCM 192/24 is very light and incomparable to upsampling to DSD256 or 512. Any i5 based server (or even an i3) won’t break a sweat running Roon and HQP in tandem while upsampling PCM.

The size of your collection and the speed of the SSD are more important factors. Your mini by itself would make a fine server for what you propose. A ‘beast Linux box’ is not required for PCM.

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Would you be storing music files on the MacMini SSD ? The audio route would then be

Mini (SSD) - Linux Server - Mini (Roon Bridge, NAA) - DAC

This would probably be fine over Ethernet, but you could cut out the first leg by putting the music files SSD in the Linux Server.

Thanks @RBM I loaded the test version of HQPlayer onto my current Mac Mini, and like you said it worked fine with Roon. My task now is to install a SSD on my Mini or wait until Apple releases a new Skylake model. Roon on its own is flakey on my current 2012 Mini without SSD.

Noted thanks @andybob

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