Experience slow search and performance

I have the same slow search and performance issue since 1.6.

Indexing new albums, SLOW. Searching for Album or Track, SLOW. When a song is playing and you try to play a next song or album a long wait until track starts playing.

Problem seems not a hardware or network related issue. Looks like Roon is not taking advantage of all possible resources eg CPU or RAM.

Before update to 1.6 when you activated Library | Background Audio Analysis Speed Fast you would see how it hurts the CPU and max it out. Now same setting not even bothers the CPU

System ONE
Qnap TS-1685
CPU Intel Xeon D-1521 2.40GHz
Roon Roon Version 1.6 (build 416) stable (64bit)
Memory 32GB
1x Samsung SSD EVO 2TB Running Roon Core Installed on QNAP
8x 10TB 6Gbps SATA Drives Raid6
6x 6TB SATA Drives Raid5
Read Speed 103.2MB/s Read 110.4MB/s from Desktop to network folder where the songs are located

Albums 11685 | Tracks 129689
Roon Indexing files Fast (8Cores) and CPU used only 17% and Ram 18%

Ok possible network issue slowing it down ? Lets try another system.

System TWO
Mac Pro Mojave 10.14.6
CPU Quad-Core Xeon E5 3.7 GHz
Roon Version 1.6 (build 416) stable (64bit)
Memory 16GB
Harddrive 250GB
Read Speed 783MB/s Read 939MB/s

Around 20000 tracks for testing stored local on SSD and access direct without possible network lag or potentially issues with external hard drives.

Same issue as above. Slow. No Tidal, Qobuz or Dropbox used. At this point even iTunes seems to respond quicker than Roon

Hi @FCP,

Can you provide some details on your current networking setup?

Please also verify the following:

  • Is every search slow, or only some?
  • Can you provide some examples of searches and how many seconds it takes to show results?
  • If you do another search after for the same thing after a slow search is there any change?
  • Do things speed up at all after a reboot?

System ONE

Comcast Business Modem too Eero Pro. Eero Pro to Netgear ProSAFE Plus 8-port Gigabit Switch GS108Ev3. QNAP NAS connected to Netgear ProSAFE Plus Switch, Client computer Mac Pro connected to Netgear ProSAFE Switch. All connections with Cat6 cable not wireless.

System TWO

Comcast Business Modem too Eero Pro. Eero Pro to Netgear ProSAFE Plus 8-port Gigabit Switch GS108Ev3. Client/Server Mac Pro connected to Netgear ProSAFE Switch

Attached picture showing network speed on client computer

Also 2 1/2 hours ago I added two albums to the library folder. One DSD album (11 tracks) and one 24bit album (10 Tracks) . Progress can be seen on the attached screenshot

File access from Client computer to NAS folder holding the music files

Searches are slow regardless one what you search for.

After reboot. Start Roon Client. First you see Albums | Tracks | Artists | Lyrics Found | Reviews and bio | Images.

Section below is black and around 30-40 seconds later you see Recently Added popping up. Then after I click on Albums I see the Roon logo moving likes when its loading. Screen goes black below the Shuffle button and above the currently playing section. Around 15-20 second later albums show. Scrolling through albums by moving too the left page by page shows the albums but is seem to get slower loading images after 3-4 page. If you scroll several pages you get a black screen and maybe 10 seconds later the albums load delayed.

Selecting any album you see Album Loading and then around 10-15 second you see the album and tracks. Next you click Play Now and it takes around 10 seconds until you see the first track, blue glow moves back and fourth, another 10 to 15 seconds until you see the wave form displayed, after maybe another 20 seconds song finally starts playing.

Maybe some other members can chip in to see if they have same symptoms

BTW. While I wrote all this Roon was indexing the 2 albums I mentioned above earlier. Here current status

Server running on Samsung SSD EVO 2TB

Follow up the indexing after 3 1/2 hours. We are at 16 songs imported

Hello @FCP,

Thanks for sharing those additional details. You mentioned that this same issue occurs on the Mac Pro (when it is being used as a Remote and also as a Core). I wonder if this issue is specific to the Mac Pro, would you by any chance have another remote that you can use to verify the behavior, such as an iOS or Android device?

Also, after performing this test I’d like to separate the network further. If you disconnect the network when Roon is acting as the Core on the Mac Pro and attempt to output to your Mac Pro’s System Output zone, does the same slow behavior occur?

I mentioned the Mac Pro since that’s where I was typing the response. I have several Laptops, Android tablets, iPad, Windows 10 machine. Here you go. Same issues on another client

Reinstall new Roon client


Hi @FCP,

Thanks for sharing that screenshot and for confirming that this behavior occurs across multiple Roon Remotes. I am seeing that the Core is still the MediaServer in your second screenshot, can you confirm if the behavior is the same if you use the Mac as the Core (as in press the “Use this PC” button)?

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