Experience with volumino primo+?

Does anyone have some experience with the volumino primo HiFi?

My dealer is recommending the device as a perfect streaming endpoint. It has it’s own software and a roon bridge add on is available.

Appreciate your feedback!

I have a Raspi4 with Volumio Premio and now superior. I added the Roon plugin and yes, it is a nice, cheap and small endpoint. In use Ethernet and HDMI out, but have added a Hifiberry DAC(ADC) too which works nice too. Mch via HDMI needs tweaking with channel mapping. HDMI out goes to 192khz.
I added superio in order to use my Hifiberry DACADC with the Hdmi output for Vinyl after some tweaking). That might receive rethinking as it a bit a pricy luxury.
With an Hifiberry, cooling becomes an issue as the CPU is not hit by any forced airstream with any commercial case. Temps go up to above 60C, which people claim is fine but I believe it shortens lifetimes. I build my own case which brings temps down into the 40s.