Experiences with KEF LSX II and Roon?

I’m looking to rennovate a room and improve the current speaker setup (RPi/IQAudio Amp HAT, B&W M1 Mk 2) at the same time. It’s very much a secondary system but heavily used by all the family. It’s also 100% reliable. I’m looking for a stereo pair of speakers, aesthetically tolerable, wall-mounted and ideally Roon Ready to cut down on boxes.

The LSX II seems to fit the bill, but there seems to be quite a few posts here and elsewhere suggesting the wireless is poor - having to hard wire the speakers would be a pain and create more cable clutter. I’m interested in any real world experiences with these speakers - how reliable is the setup in practice? Also, anyone linked them to an Echo Dot via Bluetooth? I don’t want to repeat the fiasco of my previous Bluesound purchases, which looked good on paper but frustrating in practice.

Thanks in advance :grinning:

Oh, I’m obviously interested in other ideas too but really keen to go the all-in-one route for this system. Ideally, no one would see anything other than the speakers.

I have the KEF LSX II’s and they work flawlessy with Roon.
However, I use them wired, I have no experience using them solely on wifi.
Wired also allows for higher bandwidth (192kHz), whilst Wifi limits bandwidth (96kHz if I remember well).

I also have added a subwoofer. If you are limited in space, and cannot do that, I would recommend the KEF LS50 Wireless II instead.


Thanks @Dirk_De_Taey - I’m coming round to the idea that if I want them to work reliably I may need to just cable them.

Unfortunately the LS50 Wireless II is a bit bulky for this setup - a small subwoofer might be feasible but the positioning could be tricky. I suspect I need to audition them to get a sense of what I’d be missing - we all listen to quite a lot of strings, incl. double bass, so ideally I’d like to have reasonable reproduction of that (looks like 41Hz is the bottom end), which is beyond these speakers alone.

I have them as well, and with the KC62 they can sound very nice indeed (I feed mine via USB from a Pi4 to get a Lossless input from Roon). But, I also have them wired in order to get the best (and most solid) connection.

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Thanks @Glimmer - what’s the limitation here? From the specs I assumed it would be ok to 384/24 via Roon but I’ve obviously missed something.

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m trailing wires anyway, or considering a subwoofer, whether I might just as well buy something like the Eversolo dmp-a6 and XLR to a pair of nice active monitors, where there’s broader choice. :thinking: Keep going round in circles!

It’s a quirk of mine, I like to see the lossless icon when I’m playing to the LSX’s, that purple light makes me smile!

No, you are 100% correct (if you are using the (fixed) network input)


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I have been using them for over three years now in the kitchen, and everything works without a glitch. Wired via a Fritz repeater. As of the lack of bass - yes, that is an issue, but that might also depend on the room acoustics, and the personal needs. Here bass is low and deep enough with a little help of Roon‘s DSP eq modulations.

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