Experiencing Dropouts on Mac Mini Core

I subscribe from time to time to Roon for a month in order to evaluate it, and to compare it to my other players.
Usually, Roon’s network connection is rock sold. But this time, I’m encountering these drops with a Mac Mini M1, while my UPNP players stream without any issue.

Hi Dandou,

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Hello @Rugby ,

Thank you very much for being helpful.
I have some 200K tracks in my library, and there were massive changes in the metadata of the files, since my previous subscription to Roon. So it took to Roon about 48 hours to analyze the files and to update the changes.

Since this morning, Roon works perfectly well, though I changed nothing in my setup nor in my computer.
Maybe Roon’s streaming became stable, because it finished analyzing the tracks.
Or maybe because my dear one offered me, this morning, the LifeTime subscription as a birthday gift.

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Happy Birthday :tada::tada:.

This is probably the issue. If you have been gone for a bit, there will probably be meta data and database updates that might take awhile to finish.


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Hi @Dandou,

I’m glad to hear the issue is resolved for now - the metadata updates were likely the culprit here as @Rugby suggested.

We’re here to support in case anything else comes up. Please start a new topic thread if this one has auto-closed.

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